Sunday, November 28, 2010

War, Disease, and All That Schtuff

    I remember that fatal day when I realized what war was. When I comprehended it's meaning. Before that day, it was just something grown ups discussed in lengthy conversations. After that I was in a state of "fuck the world". I thought America was a hypocrite because we were all for protecting our loved ones, at the expense of killing others. Of course there is much more to war than that, and I do have high respects towards anyone who signs up for the military.  I just hated humans for being so stupid, to kill each other over money, religion, bombs, etc. I was a true advocate for world peace, and still sorta am. The "sorta" is about to be explained.

    War. It is still ridiculous, but it must be done. It is unavoidable. Sometimes history is sickening, but it happened. I've realized that humans are humans. We have raw passion, devotion, greed, and anger in other words, emotion inside us. With that, there is no stopping war. Why fight for something like world peace when we so obviously aren't ready for it.
    On another note without war and disease(this is where disease comes in haha) we would be immensely over populated. In order to keep balance we need some other way to die other than old age, and we need to stop having so many fucking kids. I've never been an advocate for "cure that disease" (unless of course I have it hahahaha :P) because you know another will just pop up. It's just the way it is. Everyone dies.


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