Sunday, November 14, 2010


 Lately I've been rather nostalgic. I really miss this old friend of mine, he made me who I am today. Sometimes I see him from afar down the street.

Dear Nicky,

  Mostly I'm angry at you for never saying hello for the past 5 years. We did everything together! You were the brother I never had, and now you're 20 and all grown up. When were younger my parents always warned me you would leave, and stop wanting to hang out with me. I didn't want to believe them but they were right. I just want closure. So many times I imagined some way you could explain why you left. Now I wonder if I meant as much to you as you did to me. For three years we saw each other almost everyday, my family took you in, we made friends with all the other neighbors, we made games, built forts, had our own languages, and conversations. You were, and still probably are the best friend I ever had. Writing this makes me want to tear up. Just know that you always have a place in my heart, and maybe one day I'll have the courage to find you and give you this letter.


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