Friday, November 12, 2010

Yet Another Rap


My life is busy,
It makes me kinda dizzy
Like a pounding stream
It keeps me awake when I try to dream
It’s unswerving faze
A peaceful, mindless daze
No time to think
I can slowly sink
I’m not complaining
I just hope that you’re obtaining
All this useless information
Supposed to spark some new creation
It’s my biggest inspiration
Imma keep going, worth it or not
Even if this world isn’t what I thought
You’re not confused
It’s just a lame excuse
Stop acting like you’re deep
You’re just like the rest of us
We all need a chance to sit back and adjust
This world is irrational
It’s a national disease
We all seem so stupid
In this everlasting unease


  1. That is an awesome rap!! I didn't know you had a blog... I'm following you now :P