Saturday, January 29, 2011

Flea Market

Fabric Store.

My mom with a pin she just bought.

I'd like to pay reference to my zebra pin.

Peppermint honey sticks? eww


Square cinnamon lollipop.

Yeah this had to be illegal. Random fighting rink? wtf?

Table dedicated to toys= great desktop background.
     I took some pictures of my day today.  Check it :)

Friday, January 14, 2011

An Explanation

A white noise,
My thoughts
Constantly blurring my vision.
This little girl,
Isn't ready to grow up
She already has,
But there is so much more to learn
The problem
Was the idea
That never existed
You can keep watching movies
And hold on to your idea
But you just want to feel it
Make your idea
An all consuming reality
But you can't make it
It has to happen.
I'm so
It all seemed to
Weigh me down
The white noise
Kept blurring my vision
It can be useless
To make something out of nothing
In an explanation
There isn't always much to say

I like poems when my thoughts seem like a fuzzy picture. I think that they really help me get together in my mind. What do you think that this poems about? It's an explanation...