Sunday, November 14, 2010

What to Call This One?

I wrote this a long time ago, this was when I was really depressed about war and such.

All hope has failed
Killings will prevail
Please make my faith come back
Before my heart turns pitch black
You make me want you
But I wouldn't want to sadden you too
Life's a mad and twisted deja-vu
Come back to me
I can make you see
but seeing isn't free
The epiphany's overwhelming
War is sick with all the killing.
Make it stop
Before I pop
Is war greater than passion?
Or is it some greater action
Or does it all equal out
I filled with crippling doubt
No one understands me when I say what's on my mind
They say they would kill for me, or die for me?
What good does that do?
You all make me sick
But at least I won't kill you over it.

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