Friday, December 3, 2010

Not Your Everyday Goody-two-shoes

     All my life I've always had at least one label "goody-two-shoes". Of course some people are not so dim whited. One of these people is my very lovely friend Katelynn (her blog is stellar, as she would say: The other day someone called us that word I don't quite feel like typing out again. And Katelynn boldly stated "Allie is NOT a goody-two-shoes." Shhhh! Katelynn, you know too much!

   The truth is, in all reality I am a goody-two-shoes. That is, if the definition is someone who treats teachers with respect, gets good grades, and rarely gets in trouble. NOT something to be ashamed of if you ask me. But that is not the definition. It is:

I don't "behave" well to please others. I'm just not some kind of immature idiot, and people appreciate that in teenagers. Sometimes I'm smug and self righteous, but that's just because everyone know's I'm the best at the world (it's ok if you didn't quite catch that). People are more willing to hear you out when they know you want to work hard, and have good intentions. 

    However recently, adults have been getting on my last nerve. It's something about them telling me what I can and can't do. It's ok that's part of adolescence apparently and it sucks, but so does your mom. (there enjoy a nice platter of my stupidity, you liked it. Don't lie)


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