Thursday, February 3, 2011

You Shop Together You Drop Together?

     My mom and I...we shop. Sometimes I love it and some times I hate it. I crave it once and a while. Sometimes I just go due an obligation I feel. Ever since I was little, the time I spent with my mom was a lot of shopping and going out to lunch. Of course we've done a few other things, but much less often. Over the years I have discovered ways to make your most dreaded experience bearable.

     So here I have for you a guide to make boring shopping trips...less boring. (store specific)


  1. Magazine Section: Pick something to read and just sit there and go trough it. No one has ever stopped me. haha
  2. Electronics Isle: Play the video games on display. If they are taken and you are desperate to play, stand awkwardly close and breath loudly while the other person plays. They will most likely move.
  3. Bike Section: Go ahead, hula hoop, ride a scooter. What are they gonna do? Ask you to stop?
  1. Play with displays: nuff said.
  1. You're a doomer. Last resort: read cards in card isle.
  1. Lets face it. You go to the mall to be bored. 
  2. Bring a camera and film/take pictures
  3. Try on clothes
  4. Go with friends that have money, so you don't feel like a total loser who is going there for nothing.
  1.  Look for displays, toys.
  2. Think outside the box. Once I sat in a rocking chair at Target for an hour and a half. You would be surprised how many people stop to make a comment, like "You look comfortable." 
  3. Just decide to enjoy what you can while you're there.

 Enjoy your guide and stay out of trouble.

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