Sunday, February 6, 2011

Some Drugs

So in my dream I have this plastic bag of meth hidden in my closet, along with a sizable amount of weed. The funny thing about that is it looked like fresh spinach leaves and had a yellow sticker labeling it as "Maryjane". I did a line or two of the meth on the trunk in my closet and wasn't very impressed, so I promised myself I would find a way to dispose of it before anyone found it.  I decided to keep the weed, and find the right time to use it. I thought it was much less hardcore than crank, plus it helped me sleep in my dream...

My parents thought I was acting differently lately(in the dream), probably because I was hiding drugs in my closet and I was considerably paranoid. I was also shaky, and had very dark eyes. I wanted to tell them I did have some meth, maybe they could help me get rid of it. I decided that would defeat the whole purpose of finding a way to get it out of my house. Then I think I decided I would try to sell it. But I  couldn't think of anyone who would possibly want it. I'd sell it anyway.

That's pretty much it. Just to clarify I've never done drugs, but occasionally I have a dream where I do. I'm also reading a book about this girls who goes from good girl to bad in girl in one summer after visiting my home town, Albuquerque. She makes the turn so easily too. Most of me just thinks that she is weak. Weak to let drugs consume her life. I often wonder what makes her not want to quit? Is the high really worth loosing so many things.

Just goes to show, that you can become a different person if you want to. I'm pretty sure the girl in this book was tired of her average life. When she went to see her dad she was offered a taste of excitement, she liked the flavor and didn't want to let go of it. She held on to it with clenching fists.


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