Sunday, July 24, 2011

3 Things: Mood, Pictures and Decisions

Have you ever noticed how other people's mood can have an affect on your own? For example: Your friends are dreading an upcoming event, and now you suddenly don't find it as appealing. The only reason I mention this is because I have experienced that lately. When the people around me are bored and irritable, I feel bored and irritable. In many ways it is terrible because if everyone is in a cranky, snappy mood then everyone is, as Katy Perry would say, a firework. Just not in a good way. It's just difficult to be in a good mood when the others can't shake off that "I had a terrible day and I want to take it out on everyone" vibe. On the other hand however, this mood sharing can have a positive affect. When people around you are in a good, elevated mood it can bring you up with them.

Does anyone ever think that we take too many pictures? Or how about constantly being recorded? Think about it. Everywhere you go there is security cameras, people with picture phones, cameras. Imagine all the footage of you going into a grocery store and walking down the isles, buying some shoes, making a deposit at the bank, or just going to school. I'm pretty sure with all the security footage taken of me you could document a large chunk of my life. Then there is all the pictures that are taken of you, and that you take. I'm 15, I have hundreds of photos on Facebook, and I'm tagged in over a hundred. Imagine when I'm thirty, forty. My generations entire lives will be documented. The plus side, you will be able to remember your life through all the pictures you've taken. The negative side, where is your privacy? What makes a moment special or intimate if it's always recorded for the world to see?

You are pretty much making a decision all the time, even in your sleep. You don't even notice all the little decisions you make until you really ponder it. From the minuscule: What song? Will I get out of bed now or in five minutes? Do I make a left turn? What do I type? Should I answer my phone? Do I take a shower? How much do I want to eat? Light on or off? To the more perplexing: Do I want to be their friend? Who am I? Can I trust them? Is there a god? Is what I'm doing good or bad? Is there good or bad?

Do you ever remember anyone telling you "They just made the wrong decisions." or "It depends on the paths you choose." Oddly enough I think that most, if not every decision you make affects you and your future. But you can't expect to people to make the "right" decisions or choose the "correct path" when everyone's life is a completely different path. You can sometimes see the roads other people have traveled, but you cannot travel them and experience the same journey.


  1. It's not just pictures, but words as well. How far will today's follow you into the future.